Private School in Riverside, CA

Hawarden Hills Academy

Our website will give you a look into our remarkable school community and the spectrum of activities available at our facility. Enjoy our website, but please come to see our school for yourselves. Our students are terrific ambassadors; we are extraordinarily proud of them for their enthusiasm for learning, their concern for others, and their many achievements. Success on exams is important, but it is only part of the Hawarden Hills Academy journey. Our focus on the whole learner ensures an ideal balance between intellectual and individual development.

Our History

Hawarden Hills Academy opened in 1983 as a research based school that focuses on training children to become students. Because we are a private school, we have been able to develop a curriculum and school environment based on social science research not bureaucratic or political directives. The Step-Mod Curriculum System was developed here. This system allows children to progress in Reading and Math at a more accelerated pace if they are capable.

Our Town

Riverside is the largest city in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. The city was founded in the 1870’s and quickly became the birthplace of the California citrus industry. Riverside is home to the University of California at Riverside which added a School of Medicine program in 2013.

Our Philosophy

In 1983, Hawarden Hills Academy was founded as the first independent school in California based on the Effective School research studies conducted by Dr. Ronald Edmonds of Harvard University. Starting in the early 1960’s, Dr. Edmonds and fellow researchers examined schools which were deemed to be effective (95% of students at each grade level prepared to succeed at the next grade level). The studies indicated that there are unique characteristics and processes common to all effective schools. These characteristics include a clear school mission, a high expectation for success, allocating a significant amount of classroom time for directed instruction, and maintaining a safe and orderly environment. Hawarden Hills Academy incorporated all the research correlates into our program and developed our own Step-Mod Program to provide advanced instruction in reading and math based on ability, not age. By adhering to the effective school correlates, we are able to continue the classical educational system while embracing the latest innovations and technology.

Our Facilities

Hawarden Hills Academy has sixteen classrooms serving Kindergarten to 8th grade students located near the Sycamore Canyon Wildlife Park in Riverside California. In 1983 the school was designed by Henry Boucher to be environmentally sensitive, take advantage of natural sunlight, and conserve energy. His architectural techniques foreshadowed the green building approach now considered standard for all communities. The school is completely gated with observation cameras throughout the facility. Every classroom uses mobile interactive whiteboard devices which eliminates chalk dust particulates in the classroom. Our facility is landscaped with native plants and we are currently undertaking a playground renovation to install safety surfacing and additional fitness equipment. We are the only Official Garden Gnome Sanctuary in the United States (Thank you, Mayor Bailey!) and we are installing a GnomeCam in the Fall of 2013.

"Independent schools, like Hawarden Hills Academy, foster a learning community of families with similar education goals and expectations. Our students are an integral part of this community which will prepare them for whatever path they choose to follow."