Private School in Riverside, CA

Hawarden Hills Academy students are challenged by an exciting academic curriculum allied to a wealth of dramatic, cultural, and musical activities utilizing a process-driven curriculum, not a standards-based program. We developed the Step-Mod Program exclusively for Hawarden Hills students. This program allows students to receive instruction at their own personal challenge level in Reading and Math, regardless of chronological age.

Elementary level students receive a classical education in all core subject areas as well as performance art activities, music, drama, and Spanish in the afternoon. Middle School students (Fifth to Eighth Grade ) follow the high school model of subject rotation. Every classroom is equipped with mobile interactive whiteboard technology. All students have access to iPads and middle school students receive technology instruction on iMacs.

Step-Mod English

Literature is a means of exploring new ways of expression and helps bring about confidence, awareness, a critical outlook and a greater sense of personal identity. We use classical literature for all our Reading assignments- from first readers to high school level drama. Our English teachers help students use language to express themselves and communicate with others effectively. Students have the opportunity to write in a range of styles, for specific purposes and audiences, and to adapt their style to the given situation. Students learn to write academic and creative essays, magazine and newspaper stories, letters, reports, poetry, drama, and in a range of other formats.

Step-Mod Mathematics

We believe mathematical thinking is the art of explaining the imaginary, not just tedious calculations. We do not rush through 20 concepts a year. We use the Step-Mod system to learn the basic building blocks of mathematical language. When the concrete processes are mastered, we move into pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

SAT scores

Practice and accountability enhance academic learning. To prepare our students for acceptance into national colleges and universities , we administer the Stanford Achievement Test, a nationally normed test, not just a California normed test (STAR). The table below charts the grade equivalent scores from the 2012-2013 test. Grade in 2012 SAT Grade Equivalent Score:

Kindergarten (K.8) 1.5
Grade 1 (1.8) 2.4
Grade 2 (2.8) 3.4
Grade 3 (3.8) 4.8
Grade 4 (4.8) 6.2
Grade 5 (5.8) 7.1
Grade 6 (6.8) 8.3
Grade 7 (7.8) 8.6
Grade 8 (8.8) 12.5

Our Programs

Children investigate the world with great interest, energy, and expectation. From attending the Aardvark Rally on their first day of school to their Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony at the Mission Inn, we give our students a positive attitude towards learning. Our programs offer a range of activities to help prepare students for global citizenship.

Kindergarten Kick Off

The aim of the Kindergarten Preparatory Program is to nurture the children's desire to learn, experiment, play, and to gain independence. The curriculum is designed to foster the emotional, physical, social, intellectual, and creative development of each child. The structure of the curriculum enables the children to learn freely and to choose their own pursuits within clearly defined limits. They are encouraged to use all the materials available: pencils, crayons, paint, dough, and clay.

Elementary School

Students in the Elementary program start a more formalized approach to learning. Our broad curriculum gives the pupils, during their formative years, the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects and skills; to foster within them a love of learning and an appreciation of the subjects studied. Teachers encourage the formation of good study habits and organizational skills which will be necessary in the Middle School. Recognizing that the most rewarding educational experience is achieved as an active partnership between home and school, we use the Aeries Portal System to provide families with real time assignment and grade book information. Children at desks

Middle School

The Middle School program is designed to support the intellectual, social, and physical development of our students during the transition from childhood to adolescence. At this stage, students are experiencing the rapid growth that occurs in early adolescence and benefit from an educational environment that is distinctly different from the elementary school. During this time, students move from concrete thought processes to more abstract thinking. The curriculum is structured to guide students in making connections and seeing the relationship amongst the subject areas and the world beyond the classroom. Scooter Basketball

Enrichment Programs

We recognize the educational benefits of giving children access to teachers who have a true passion for their subject. Piano, voice, guitar, drum, art, cooking, sign language, and robotics are taught by specialist teachers in our after school enrichment programs. These classes enhance and expand learning opportunities for the students on campus thus conserving natural resources which might have been spent transporting students to different locales.

Hawarden Hills International School Division

The International School division of Hawarden Hills Academy provides international students with the opportunity to develop not just their English skills but also improve their study skills and subject knowledge alongside American students. International students are fully integrated into all aspects of the American private school experience. American classmates can not only learn about foreign cultures, but they have an enhanced knowledge of global issues.

Camp Aardvark

Camp Aardvark is a dynamic balance of recreational and creative activities. Led by the Hawarden Hills faculty, campers make new discoveries and try new activities, all in a small group setting. We celebrate childhood every summer with imaginative play, ceramics, sports, Latin dance, introductory Kung Fu, water play, ukulele instruction, and choir. Camp SparkVark is the only Tinker Camp in Riverside, CA which allows students to design, collaborate, and create summer projects.

International students can take advantage of our popular English immersion program. The morning includes 2 hours of intensive writing instruction in a classroom while the afternoon is structured for practicing oral English skills with native speakers in an informal setting.

"Independent schools, like Hawarden Hills Academy, foster a learning community of families with similar education goals and expectations. Our students are an integral part of this community which will prepare them for whatever path they choose to follow."